from by Masada



thrown from one tempest to the next
you’re the one said to know me best
so stretch your arms wide forward
let’s see how far they go
do they fit around me, tell me
because i don’t know. well,
i am the best liar i know.
my lies even grow into stories
and all we are are stories in the end
so are we bodies
or just embodiments
or just indifferent
i’ll go quite far by now
for i am so dried out
sometimes i feel light as air

hold up, before you abandon me
hold up, before you let go of me
hold up, i acknowledge defeat

there will be a point
i won’t go beyond
and i will be scared
but with time i’ll be gone
structure quite hollow
now filled with echo
guess it’s size
as if i knew


from s​/​t, released May 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Masada Erlangen, Germany

screamo / emo

09.12. Regensburg

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